breeders of weimaraners – a small kennel based in South West Scotland

   Apr 16

Our Dogs

Roscoe jumping fence

This was Roscoe trying out the jumps in our fields for our race horses. Roscoe sadly passed away a few years ago through old age – he was a very faithful and loving dog and has sired many beautiful puppies. Roscoe had a fantastic temperament and children played with him all day long. As a result of one of Roscoe’s matings with one of our previous bitches Blue, we now have his daughter ‘Cloud’- you can see her photo below & also his Grand-daughter ‘Ice’ who has just been mated.

Cloud with pups

This is Cloud (Roscoe’s daughter – Sirgal Cirrustratus) standing in our garden. She is a very proud bitch. Cloud also loves running with our horses and hunting all day long. She thinks it is very funny to open doors with her paws when we shut her in rooms – if she cannot manage the handle with her paws she will definitely succeed with her teeth. She is very intelligent and adores company – although she is very quick when catching the vermin i.e. mice and rats and has delight in showing us what good work she has done! Cloud has the most fantastic temperament and absolutely loves life – just like her mother ‘Blue’ & father ‘Roscoe’. She has also passed on her talents & temperament to her daughter Ice.

Ice fetching a rabbit

Ice has the same characteristics as Cloud & is excellent at retrieving game in the field.  Ice is a fantastic bitch & happily jumps in the water to retrieve as well as settling well in the house, lying quite content in her bed enjoying the family life around her. Here is a picture of Ice carrying out her work in the field, retrieving a rabbit.



In addition to the others we have here we also have ‘Reef’. Reef is eight years old and he too has a fantastic temperament. He loves being with people and especially children that are willing to play with him all day long!! He is very intelligent and he too adores hunting. Reef’s party piece is bouncing on a 13′ trampoline – yes strange – but true!!