breeders of weimaraners – a small kennel based in South West Scotland

   Apr 28

About Us

We are a small kennel based in South West Scotland (nr Gretna Green – directly on the Scottish Border (15 mins from Carlisle)) with over 19 years of experience producing very well bred, excellent temperament, Weimaraners.

Personally, we do not show our dogs but we give them the best life of freedom by allowing them to hunt on our land all day long.

All our dogs have an abundance of attention, which is what weimaraners require, & they are all used to children.

We do not sell puppies for surprises or presents, however, they are sold for work, show or play.

We take pride in being very careful that the new potential owners have thoroughly thought through the changes that owning & caring for a weimaraner will bring to their life.

If you think that you can provide a loving, caring home for the lifetime of a weimaraner & you are sure that it can fit into your lifestyle & family home, no matter what the changes ahead will bring, & you are prepared to provide the time every day to walk & care for a dog for the rest of its life, then you are welcome to contact us.